KotorArt Don Branko Music Days:  July 13 – August 15, 2024!
KotorArt International Music Festival, a world-class event that draws renowned musicians and performers from across the globe, is gearing up for its 23rd edition. This annual festival, which takes place in the summer, offers a rich program encompassing classical, jazz, and contemporary music, making it a cornerstone of Montenegro’s cultural calendar.

KotorArt International Festival, a festival of national importance for the culture of Montenegro, is one of the greatest and most important festivals in the country and region. Every summer KotorArt gathers an impressive number of international artists and with over 200 programs at numerous venues in Kotor and throughout the Bay, attracts tens of thousands of visitors, which makes it one of the most visited festivals of this type in the region.

Whether you’re a music enthusiast, art lover, or seeker of intellectual stimulation, KotorArt offers something for everyone, promising an unforgettable summer experience in the heart of Montenegro.

Photo of music outdoors
City at night
Music Indoors

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SBCC culinary student interns at the Regent Porto Montenegro

SBCC culinary student interns at the Regent Porto Montenegro

Santa Barbara City College culinary student, Alberto Santamaria, has been chosen by the Santa Barbara – Kotor Sister City Committee to intern at the prestigious Regent Porto Montenegro for the summer of 2022. This informal program had its beginnings in 2010 when Randy Bublitz, former chair of the Culinary Arts School at SBCC, traveled to Kotor to teach a group of young students from the Institute for Children With Disabilities the basic skills for entry level work in Montenegro’s resorts and restaurants. These students, despite their hearing impairments, thrived in the restaurant environment creating multiple employment opportunities for disadvantaged youth.

The success of the program also resulted in SBCC culinary students, Ava Engle and Marcelo Chacon, being invited to intern at the Regent Porto Montenegro in the summer of 2021. The impression these two made on the manager and chef of the Resort resulted in an agreement for continuing the relationship between SBCC culinary tudents and the Regent Porto Montenegro Resort.

The Santa Barbara Sister City Committee is pleased to have established a meaningful exchange program between our Sister Cities that touches the lives of young people for years to come.

Strengthening Montenegro & United States ties

Strengthening Montenegro & United States ties

Dear Friends of Kotor,

KotorArt was invited by the U.S. Ambassador in Podgorica to apply for a small grant with a project that would strengthen the connections between the United States and Montenegro. We see no better basis for a project like this, than our established collaboration with the Santa Barbara-Kotor Sister City Committee and the University of California Santa Barbara Music Department!

Receiving this grant will allow us to commission four original pieces, from two composers, one from Montenegro and one from Santa Barbara, inspired by Montenegrin and United States heritage (local melodies, jazz standards, etc.).

To perform these pieces, we will create a small ensemble of four young musicians (two from each country). They will collaborate and prepare online, and finally meet in person, to rehearse and perform the pieces at the KotorArt International Music Festival, the University of California Santa Barbara and the Music Academy of the West in 2022.

Ratimir Martinović
Founder and Executive Director of KotorArt

Covid19 and our Culinary Exchanges

Covid19 and our Culinary Exchanges

In our first exchange since the beginning of Covid19 SBCC Culinary Students Ava Engle and Marcelo Chacon received paid internships in the kitchen at the Regent, Porto Montenegro. Along with the experience of working at one of the finest resorts in Montenegro they had the opportunity to work with employees from several other countries. Their work effort was exceptional and resulted in an invitation to continue this program in 2022.

The programs we have built together that make a difference.

The success of our Sister City program has been exchanges that bring people with common interests together. The exchanges in music, culinary, and sports have allowed young people from both cities to experience international travel and participate in programs that develop their skills and creates long term relationships within our two cities.

Classical Music

Classical Music

Music exchanges with KotorArt, the Music Academy of the West and UCSBs Music Department.

Goran Milić Culinary Academy

Goran Milić Culinary Academy

Culinary exchanges with the Resource Center in Kotor ,  SBCC’s Culinary School and internships in Santa Barbara and Kotor.

Santa Barbara Youth Theatre

Water Polo

Water Polo exchanges with UCSB Water Polo, Premier Water Polo Club and Kotor’s Primorac Water Polo Club.

Bay of Kotor View

Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro was established as Santa Barbara’s Sister City in the Fall of 2009.  The town of Kotor is located on the Adriatic coast in Montenegro.  Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its historical monuments, Kotor is located on a natural harbor within the Bay of Kotor.  Like Santa Barbara, Kotor offers various year-round activities including sailing, diving, fishing, hiking, water polo, and festivals encompassing everything from theatre to musical arts. 

Coat of Arms of Kotor