Santa Barbara's Sister City
Kotor, Montenegro

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Kotor, Montenegro was established as Santa Barbara's Sister City in the Fall of 2009.  The town of Kotor is located on the Adriatic coast in Montenegro.  Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its historical monuments, Kotor is located on a natural harbor within the Bay of Kotor.  Like Santa Barbara, Kotor offers various year around activities including sailing, diving, fishing, hiking, water polo and festivals encompassing everything from theatre to musical arts.  We have had a number of meaningful exchanges between Santa Barbara and Kotor over the past few years.  

Santa Barbara - Kotor Exchanges - Highlights of 2013!

Tiffany DeVries, Dean of Students at the Music Academy of the West, traveled to Kotor to audition local music students for the Music Academy of the West's Summer School Fellow's Program. While in Kotor, Ms. DeVries met with Kotor's Mayor, Maja Catovic, and hiked to the Fortress of St Ivan overlooking the Bay of Kotor. 
February 2013

Ratimir Martinovic, from Montenegro, returned to Santa Barbara
to perform at the Music Academy of the West.

February 2013

 Isak Haracic, from Bosnia - Herzegovina, auditioned for and was selected to           participate in the Music Academy of the West's Summer School
                                     and Festival Fellow's Program. 
                                                                 June - August 2013

Melinda Silver, Chef Goran Milic, Semsa Music (LtoR)

Melinda Silver, an early graduate of the Goran Milic Culinary Academy, received an internship in the kitchen at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills.
Semsa Music, from Montenegro, and a graduate of the Culinary Academy, 
 in the United States for a month long internship in the kitchen at
Divino's Restaurant in Los Angeles.
                                                        September 2013

Ratimir Martinovic in 
Santa Barbara . . .

with Mayor Schneider

and greeting supporters.

Isak Haracic in
Santa Barbara . . . 

with Mayor Schneider

and with his MAW Compeers.

The Goran Milic
Culinary Academy

Melinda Silver in Kotor.

Semsa Music and Melina in   the kitchen at Divino's.

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